Board of Directors

The VOICE Board of Directors ensures that VOICE adheres to its purpose and Statutes. It decides on the major directions and policies of the network, provides accountability, and ensures the sound management of the association.

Board members are elected by the General Assembly; made up of the President and a maximum of 8 members, the Board seeks to ensure a proper gender balance and reflects the diversity of the network membership. The mandate is three years, with one possible re-election. 

The Board of Directors represents the network, the professionalism, and pluralism of its members and promotes the added value of NGOs active in Humanitarian Aid.

Executive Committee

The Board elects from among its members a Treasurer and a Secretary who, together with the President and the Director (the later without a vote), will constitute an Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee prepares the meetings of the Board, monitors the administration and financial management of the association and gives guidance regarding the strategic choices and the activities of the network.

Both Board of Directors and Executive Committee meet about four to six times a year. 

Meet the Board of Directors

  • Dominic Crowley

    VOICE President

    Concern Worldwide

  • Jean-Pierre Delomier

    Operations Deputy Director

    Handicap International - Humanity & Inclusion

  • Michael Mosselmans

    Head of Humanitarian Division

    Christian Aid

  • Michael Kühn

    Senior Policy Advisor

    Welthungerhilfe, Germany

  • Fie Lauritzen

    Senior Humanitarian Policy Lead

    DanChurch Aid (DCA)

  • Annelies Claessens

    Director International Programmes

    War Child  – Hollande

  • Edouard Rodier

    Director International Programmes

    Norwegian Refugee Council Europe

  • Silvia Sinibaldi

    Humanitarian Director

    Caritas Europa

  • Vincent Stehli

    Director of Operations

    Action Against Hunger UK - Spain