Throughout the year, VOICE produces and disseminates key documents reflecting on humanitarian aid issues at EU level and from a NGO perspective. They are addressed to decision makers within the European institutions, NGO networks and other stakeholders of the humanitarian community, as well as to the VOICE members. Most of these documents are  produced by the VOICE Secretariat with the support of VOICE members.

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  • The State of the Humanitarian System(SOHS)2022 Edition

    Tags: Humanitarian

    The latest State of the Humanitarian System report 2022 was released this September. The report is an independent study by ALNAP, assessing the size, shape and performance of the humanitarian system from 2018 - 2021. The report is based on evidence from on-the-ground practitioners, crisis-affected populations, academics, policy-makers and donors. The report shares striking statistics on the huge challenges the humanitarian sector faces.
  • Joint NGO Press Release - Open Letter Global Food Crisis

    As world leaders gather for the United Nations General Assembly, 238 civil society organisations demand urgent action to save lives now.
  • Time to Act not React- Report by IRC

    Members' publications

    Tags: NGOs, Humanitarian

    The report sheds light on IRC’s recommendations for halting famine in Somalia and mitigating risk globally.
  • Vacancy: VOICE Senior Partnership & Advocacy Officer

    VOICE is looking for a Senior Partnership & Advocacy Officer to be part of an international team in the Brussels-based VOICE Secretariat. The position-holder will oversee some of VOICE key areas of engagement: the Humanitarian Partnership (former FPA) and the Grand Bargain work areas. While being at the forefront of VOICE’s engagement with DG ECHO, the Senior Partnership & Advocacy Officer is responsible for coordinating and facilitating dialogues and exchanges between DG ECHO and VOICE’s NGO members, and to foster collective action to influence DG ECHO’s humanitarian policies and operational modalities. S/he will report directly to the Director.
  • Vacancy: VOICE Advocacy Intern

    VOICE is looking for a new intern to support its advocacy activities. The intern’s portfolio will focus on supporting the facilitation of three VOICE’s working groups: the Humanitarian Partnership Watch Group including the Task Force, the Grand Bargain 2.0 Working Group, and the Resilience-Nexus Working Group.
  • Unfreeze Afghan assets or more hungry children may die: INTERSOS Op-Ed

    Members' publications

    Tags: Counter-terrorism, NGOs

    Following decades of conflict, people in Afghanistan are now grappling with another deadly issue as almost universal poverty grips the nation: soaring hunger.
  • A children's crisis - A Report by World Vision

    Tags: NGOs, Humanitarian

    Afghanistan is a country defined by the resilience and tenacity of its citizens – of its communities, its families, its children. Despite years of conflict, political changes, economic instability, and natural disasters, hard won development gains were realised, beginning to open doors for new opportunities and brighter futures for Afghanistan’s girls and boys.
  • Warm Welcomes, Lurking Tensions: World Vision Report

    Members' publications

    Tags: Refugees, NGOs

    In the initial phases of any refugee crisis, host communities are usually welcoming, yet tensions can and inevitably do arise and relations often deteriorate. Ukrainian too are at risk from anti-refugees tensions says World Vision in this report.
  • Vulnerable children in Somalia could die waiting for help: World Vision op-ed

    Tags: NGOs, Humanitarian

    Millions of children in southern Somalia are facing starvation. More than 7 million people are experiencing severe food insecurity, 213,000 people are one step away from famine-like conditions. Read the op-ed from World Vision.
  • Beyond Panic: Exploring Climate Mobilities in Senegal, Guatemala, Cambodia and Kenya - Case Study Report by WeWorld

    Members' publications

    Tags: Climate

    Case study research in four countries to explore the link between the environmental crisis and migration within the #ClimateOfChange campaign led by WeWorld and funded by the European Union in the framework of the DEAR Programme.
    Who is a climate migrant? And how can we discuss the complex nexus between the climate crisis and migration in a manner that is productive and beneficial to those whose lives and livelihoods are most at risk from the climate crisis? These are some of the questions that this report grapples with and that have been the focus of much discussion throughout the #ClimateOfChange project. In seeking to answer them, the University of Bologna draws upon empirical research from four case study countries: Cambodia, Guatemala, Kenya and Senegal. Research was conducted by an interdisciplinary research team combining sociological, agricultural and food systems, human-geographical, and legal perspectives, together with partner Organisations in the field.
  • VOICE Statutes FR 2022

    Tags: General Assembly 2022

    VOICE Statutes 2022 in French
  • VOICE Statutes EN 2022

    Tags: General Assembly 2022

    VOICE statutes 2022 in English.
  • Development Initiatives -the Global Humanitarian Assistance Report 2022

    Tags: Humanitarian

    This report provides a critical overview of the crisis financing landscape. Development Initiatives finds that total funding has plateaued despite historically high demand.
  • Secondary Impacts of the Conflict in Ukraine- MERCY CORPS

    Tags: Humanitarian, Conflict

    This report compiles case studies in the Middle East as it continues to experience ongoing conflict, political instability, economic turmoil, the consequences of climate change and mismanagement of natural resources, along with significant humanitarian needs.
  • Dorcas Report on Older People in Conflicts 2022

    Tags: Resilience, Humanitarian

    This report presents how older people experience increased vulnerability in times of conflict, and how policymakers and the humanitarian aid sector as a whole do not yet pay sufficient attention to the specific needs of older people. Through this report, Dorcas aims to stimulate the debate on the rights of older people worldwide and to involve policymakers in the protection of their rights. 
  • VOICE Policy Resolution 2022 -An urgent call to protect principled humanitarian aid

    VOICE policy resolutions

    Tags: NGOs, IHL, Humanitarian

    VOICE calls on the EU and its Member States (MS) to consistently uphold principled humanitarian aid worldwide through the adoption of the following set of recommendations:
    -Principled humanitarian aid
    -Funding share and allocation
    -International Humanitarian Law (IHL)
  • VOICE out loud 33: Enabling principled humanitarian aid

    VOICE out loud

    Tags: Funding, Counter-terrorism, IHL, Access

    This edition of VOL reflects on the existing humanitarian funding model, and the impact of IHL violations and donor sanctions regimes on the delivery of humanitarian aid. It also considers questions of how to finance new emergencies while ensuring no diversion of funding from other crises; how to promote and uphold IHL and reduce the level of risk to which humanitarian aid workers are exposed; and how to ensure that sanctions regimes do not undermine humanitarian organisations’ ability to apply the humanitarian principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality, and independence.
  • La hausse du prix des céréales survient alors que le financement de l’aide humanitaire est déficitaire

    Pierre Micheletti, president of Action contre la faim France, alerts on the rising food prices affecting the most vulnerable countries.
  • [Concept Note] VOICE Event on Funding Imbalances: how uneven prioritisation and insufficient funding affect humanitarian aid

  • VOICE Terms of Reference, Consultancy on evaluation VOICE strategic Plan

    Tags: NGOs

    VOICE is looking for a consultant to carry out an evaluation of the  VOICE Strategic Plan 2019 – 2023.
  • VOICE at Work - Spotlight on EU Humanitarian Aid

    The first issue of our public newsletter "VOICE at Work".
    Table of contents:
    The First European Humanitarian Forum – VOICE’s reflections
    Supporting the most vulnerable: Our Members work in Ukraine
    Climate resilience: We need to act now!
    More funds to communities in need: Increased Humanitarian aid budget line in the EU annual budget 2023
    Humanitarian Partnership Updates
    Maria Groenewald, VOICE Director, interviewed by Défis Humanitaires
    Humming Word: A humanitarian term explained
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  • The World's Most Neglected Displacement Crises 2021 - A report by the Norwegian Refugee Council

    Tags: Humanitarian, Conflict

    In this report the Norwegian Refugee Council shines a spotlight on a list of the ten most neglected displacement crises in the world, all of which are on the African continent. The conclusion of the report outlines the need for dedicated support and attention to improve the situation for people currently neglected by the international community.
  • Vacancy: VOICE Terms of Reference, Consultancy

    VOICE seeks a consultant to carry out a data analysis on DG ECHO’s funding to small and medium sized organisations. This analysis would include an initial study into funding allocations to assess the access to funding for small and medium sized organisations. This also requires an in-depth analysis of the data to determine the distribution of different funding modalities, including the Pilot Programmatic Partnerships, as well as looking at the distribution of funds to recently certificated DG ECHO NGO partners. The consultancy should start asap. The consultant should send a bid for the work to the VOICE Secretariat including proposed number of hours and rates; CV; letter stating suitability for this piece of work at
  • Vacancy: VOICE Senior Partnership Officer

    VOICE is looking for a Senior Partnership Officer to be part of an international team in the Brussels-based VOICE Secretariat. The position-holder will be in charge of coordinating and facilitating key areas of engagement with the VOICE members and of managing specific portfolios among the network’s advocacy priorities, in line with the VOICE multi-annual Strategic Plan and the annual work plan. The Senior Partnership Officer will report directly to the Director.
  • IRC Report on Hunger fallout: How the G7 can prevent the war in Ukraine from escalating the global hunger crisis

    Tags: Climate, Humanitarian, Conflict

    The IRC report shows how the impact of the war is compounding a pre-existing hunger crisis, with spotlights on four crises – Afghanistan, Yemen, the Horn of Africa and the Sahel, including impacts on women and girls. It includes an urgent call for the G7 and the wider international community to prevent the war from pushing other vulnerable communities closer to famine.