Throughout the year, VOICE produces and disseminates key documents reflecting on humanitarian aid issues at the EU level and from an NGO perspective. They are addressed to decision-makers within the European institutions, at the National level, to NGO networks and other stakeholders of the humanitarian community, as well as to the VOICE members. Some documents are produced by the VOICE Secretariat with the support of VOICE members while others are publications from members and other key stakeholders in the humanitarian sector. 

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  • FPA Watch Group meeting agenda 12 July 2012

    FPA Watch Group

    Tags: EU, NGOs, Partnership

  • Strengthening Humanitarian Principles - blog post

    Members' publications

    Tags: EU, Consensus, NGOs

  • 2012 Flow Chart VOICE Membership Application Procedure

  • Humanitarian NGOs - something to celebrate?

    VOICE event reports

    Tags: NGOs

    VOICE turned 20 years' old in 2012; the network’s anniversary offered a chance to reflect on the role of humanitarian NGOs in the past and future. What has been their contribution to the evolving humanitarian sector? What challenges should they expect in the years ahead, and how can they best prepare for these? VOICE asked three leading scholars and practitioners to share their expert views on the issue.
  • 2011 EC annual report on Consensus on HA implementation

    Tags: EU, Consensus

  • VOICE 2012 General Assembly Resolution - What humanitarian NGOs are all about

    VOICE policy resolutions

    Tags: EU, NGOs, General Assembly 2012

  • VOICE Out Loud 15: Linking Relief Rehabilitation and Development (LRRD) - 20th anniversary edition

    VOICE out loud

    Tags: LRRD

    This edition of the VOICE Out Loud focusses on Linking Relief Rehabilitation and Development (LRRD). Published in 2012, it also celebrates VOICE's 20th anniversary and contains a short history of VOICE on page 5.
  • Bridging the Gap - article in HPN magazine

    Members' publications

    Tags: Consensus, Principles

  • VOICE Activity Report 2011

    VOICE Activity Reports

    Tags: General Assembly 2012

  • Humanitarian Principles beyond 2013: Ireland's role in safeguarding the EU Consensus on Humanitarian Aid

    Members' publications

    Tags: EU, Consensus

    Issues arising during Trócaire’s Roundtable Discussion, 19th April 2012, EU House, Dublin.
  • Council conclusions on Sahel- March 2012

    Tags: EU, Security

    Council Conclusions on Sahel following the Foreign affairs Council meeting on 23 March 2012.
  • Counter-terrorism, ‘policy laundering’ and the FATF: legalising surveillance, regulating civil society

    Tags: Funding, Counter-terrorism

  • FPA WG agenda March 2012

    FPA Watch Group

    Tags: EU, NGOs, Partnership

  • VOICE Quality paper March 2011

  • Notes VOICE event Money matters October 2011 for general public

  • Council conclusions on the EU strategy for the Horn of Africa

    Tags: EU, Crisis Management

    Regional implementation
  • FPA WG agenda November 2011

    FPA Watch Group
  • VOICE Out Loud 14: Partnerships for humanitarian aid

    VOICE out loud
  • Bridging the gap between policy and practice: the European Consensus and humanitarian principles

    Members' publications

    Tags: Consensus, Principles

    With this report, Caritas Europa calls on the EU and Member States to show a greater political will to consistently put the Humanitarian Consensus into practice, in particular in terms of respecting and advocating humanitarian principles and ensuring that donor practice is guided by them. Also available in German and French.
  • VOICE Position Paper Humanitarian Aid in European Commission External Action funding (Multi-Annual Financial Framework (MFF) 2014-2020) (updated September 2011)

    VOICE position papers

    Tags: EU, Funding, MFF

  • From Disaster Risk Reduction to Comprehensive Resilience – Towards a Common Understanding

    VOICE event reports

    Tags: DRR, Resilience

    Report of a panel discussion held in London in June 2011, jointly organised by VOICE and member Action Aid.
  • UN-led humanitarian reform process - VOICE position new format 2011

  • FPA Watch Group agenda 20 June 2011

  • VOICE Position on EVHAC July 2011

    VOICE position papers
  • FPA WG meeting minutes June 2011

    FPA Watch Group