VOICE Policy resolution: An Urgent call to protect principled humanitarian aid

We are all witnessing a period of immense global humanitarian challenges. Neglected crises, such as in Syria (in its eleventh year of conflict), Yemen (seventh year), the Horn of Africa, and Afghanistan, are experiencing harrowing levels of humanitarian need, and it is more important than ever that they receive the attention and funding needed.

Recognising such dire levels of humanitarian emergencies, during the annual General Assembly, VOICE and its NGO members launched the Policy Resolution “An Urgent Call to Protect Principled Humanitarian Aid” calling on the EU and its Member States to consistently uphold principled humanitarian aid to replicate the speed and scale of funding provided to Ukraine also to all other countries affected by humanitarian crisis.

See below the following set of recommendations of the VOICE Policy Resolution 2022:

Principled humanitarian aid

  • Ensure that the speed and scale of funding generously provided to Ukraine becomes the new normal and is replicated for all humanitarian crises, current and future
  • Guarantee humanitarian aid funding allocations prioritise life-saving aid and are not reallocated for any political or economic considerations
  • Systematically include humanitarian exemptions to all EU and Member States sanctions regimes

Funding share and allocation

  • Substantially increase humanitarian aid funding to cover the increasing and record humanitarian needs

International Humanitarian Law (IHL)

  • Promote and uphold IHL, protect civilians and support humanitarian access

Read the full release of  2022 VOICE Policy resolution: An Urgent call to protect principled humanitarian aid