VOICE Key highlights - Fighting hunger: a women-led response – VOICE on the VOL 36

The VOICE article in the VOICE Out Loud 36 illuminates the vital role of women in addressing global hunger crises. Despite women producing over half of the world's food, they often face the brunt of food insecurity. The VOICE panel discussion held at the event in June 2023 stressed the importance of gender-sensitive responses in humanitarian aid, advocating for women's central role in designing and implementing these strategies. The panellists highlighted that women's unique insights and community trust enable them to address the specific needs of the most marginalised, advocating an intersectional approach to ensure inclusivity.

The discussion revealed the challenges women face in leadership roles within humanitarian sectors, such as marginalisation and biases, emphasising the need for flexible collaboration with women-led organisations.

The article concludes that a feminist approach is crucial in humanitarian aid, focusing on participatory processes to address the root causes of gendered needs in food insecurity crises. This approach not only leads to more effective outcomes but is essential for transforming humanitarian structures for greater equity and sustainability.

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