Nowhere to escape in Gaza. The war turned the humanitarian crisis into a catastrophe – WeWorld on the VOL 36

The article by WeWorld on the VOICE Out Loud 36 provides a harrowing account of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza following the conflict escalation on 7 October. The Gaza Strip, faced severe challenges even before the war, with a significant portion of its population internally displaced and reliant on humanitarian aid. The war exacerbated these issues, leading to the destruction of infrastructure, widespread displacement, and a complete siege, cutting off access to essential resources like food, water, and medicine.

WeWorld's intervention in Gaza, has focused on areas like WASH and Integrated Protection, emphasising the development of local capacities and resources. The rapid deterioration of conditions after the conflict escalation saw more than half of the housing units destroyed, over 1.65 million people displaced, and a complete collapse of the health system. WeWorld’s efforts to distribute water and aid amidst these challenges highlight the dire need for humanitarian support.

The article concludes that the only viable solution for Gaza is a complete and durable ceasefire. This plea underscores the necessity of halting hostilities to pave the way for comprehensive humanitarian relief and recovery efforts.

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