Fostering strength and inclusion: The Significance of the Gender Lens in Displacement Settings – Relief International on the VOL 36

In its article for the VOICE Out Loud 36, Relief International highlights the critical need for a gender-sensitive approach in displacement settings. The article emphasises the heightened vulnerability of women and girls to trauma and sexual violence during displacement, as they constitute a significant portion of the refugee and internally displaced populations. Using a fictional narrative of Clara, a displaced woman, the article illustrates the complex challenges faced by women in such situations, including intimate partner violence and assaults during displacement.

The article emphasises the importance of providing gender-sensitive medical and psychological services, which are essential for addressing the unique needs and risks faced by women in displacement settings. It advocates for the inclusion of safeguarding specialists who can assess risks based on gender and other factors, ensuring appropriate actions are taken.

Relief International's approach involves building trusting relationships with survivors through psychosocial support, aiding in their recovery from complex trauma. The article also acknowledges the potential for women to access new livelihoods and roles in displacement settings, challenging conventional perceptions of female survivors.

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