The number of people in need is increasing, so should the EU long-term budget for humanitarian aid!

Last year 164.2 million people in 47 countries were in need of Humanitarian assistance and 65, 6 million were displaced. The needs are increasing due to factors ranging from violent conflicts dragging out to effects of climate change.

Our new position paper is out asking for more and predictable funding for humanitarian aid in the next Multi Annual Financial Framework. We also ask for a separate budget line that will help maintain the independence of humanitarian aid from security, political or other objectives.

The MFF sets the limits for the annual general budgets of the European Union, including for humanitarian aid, and it will shape the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of the aid that crises affected people deserve.

This document will be a key tool to guide our advocacy in the coming months, to influence the proposal of the European Commission but also to reach out to Member States.

Please download and share it with relevant colleagues in your organisation

To complement the VOICE Position Paper, a joint letter from the VOICE, CONCORD, EPLO (peacebuilding) and HRDN (human rights and democracy) networks has been sent to EU Heads of State or governments ahead of their informal meeting on 23 February, during which they will discuss the next MFF. The joint letter includes additional messages and reinforces those of the VOICE Position Paper, joining forces with other European NGO networks to reach out to EU leaders.

Our collective effort is vital in ensuring that crisis-affected people are supported worldwide!