Interview with a female Afghan aid worker from one of the VOICE member organisations on the VOL 36

In the interview of the VOICE Out Loud 36, a female Afghan aid worker delves into the multifaceted humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, with a focus on gender-related issues. Afghanistan faces severe humanitarian challenges, including food insecurity and limited access to services, exacerbated by political instability and climate-related disasters. The situation for women is particularly dire, as Afghanistan is one of the most repressive countries in terms of women's rights, with widespread physical, sexual, and psychological violence against women.

The December 2022 Taliban decree banning women from working in NGOs has significantly restricted humanitarian aid access, particularly for women and girls. This has limited their participation in aid assessment and reduced the effectiveness of gender-based violence interventions. In response, humanitarian organisations continue to operate in various sectors, negotiating locally for female participation. However, the restrictive environment has led to negative coping mechanisms in Afghan households, including child marriage and migration in search of better opportunities.

The interviewee calls on the international community to continue providing aid to Afghanistan, emphasising that political considerations should not impede life-saving assistance. Support for NGOs is crucial for addressing the challenges faced by Afghan women and girls.

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