Interview with Dr Michael Köhler, Grand Bargain Ambassador, in the VOL 37

The dedicated interview in the latest VOICE Out Loud features Dr Michael Köhler, Grand Bargain Ambassador, who provides an insightful analysis on the transformative potential of Anticipatory Action (AA) in humanitarian aid. Michael Köhler discusses the vision behind launching the Caucus on Scaling up Anticipatory Action and how it aims to reshape the landscape of humanitarian response.

Köhler elaborates on the importance of securing funding commitments to enhance coordinated AA and the specific challenges involved in achieving this goal. He emphasises the need for a paradigm shift towards a proactive humanitarian approach that includes diverse forms of aid funding, reliance on local knowledge, and improved cooperation with development, climate action, and peacebuilding efforts.

The interview highlights the critical role of localisation and leadership by local actors in AA. Köhler advocates for a more inclusive approach, ensuring that local organisations are integral to AA planning and implementation. He underscores the necessity of engaging a broad range of stakeholders to foster a unified approach towards anticipatory measures.

Read the full interview to gain valuable insights into the future of humanitarian aid and the strategic priorities for scaling up Anticipatory Action.

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