VOICE Strategic Plan 2024-2029. Introduction note by Pauline Chetcuti, new VOICE President

I, Pauline Chetcuti, new VOICE President since June 2024, am pleased to present the new VOICE Strategic Plan 2024-2029. This strategy embodies our unwavering commitment to supporting crisis-affected populations by enhancing principled humanitarian action and addressing the ever-evolving challenges they face. As you know, 2024 is a year of change, marked by elections worldwide, including in European countries and for the European Parliament. Over the next five years, this new Strategic Plan will guide our collective efforts to advocate for a principled, efficient, and effective EU humanitarian system.

Since our establishment in 1992, VOICE has grown to become the largest network of European humanitarian NGOs, with 90 members from 19 European countries implementing principled humanitarian programmes in 128 countries worldwide, working in close collaboration with the European Union. Our collective efforts have always been guided by the fundamental humanitarian principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality, and independence. Today, these principles are more critical than ever as we navigate an increasingly complex global environment.

Armed conflicts, disasters, and the climate crisis have led to unprecedented levels of humanitarian needs, with an expected number of 308.5 million people requiring assistance in 2024. The EU continues to play a pivotal role as one of the leading humanitarian donors, contributing over 32% of global humanitarian funding in 2023 As we move forward, maintaining and strengthening EU political support for humanitarian action is crucial to addressing the needs of crisis-affected communities.

VOICE envisions a world where crisis-affected communities can lead the responses and receive tailored, timely, and comprehensive principled support. Our mission: advocate for effective humanitarian responses, recognizing NGOs’ vital role, and securing resources for vulnerable communities.

VOICE is committed to contributing to a better world for everyone, including future generations, and standing for humanity. Let us remain steadfast in our commitment to principled humanitarian action.

Read and download the VOICE Strategic Plan 2024-2029!

Warm regards,

Pauline Chetcuti