VOICE Policy Resolution 2024 - Take a stand: Pledge for Humanitarian Action!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the VOICE Policy Resolution 2024 “Take a Stand: Pledge for Humanitarian Action!”.

As conflicts escalate and the climate crisis intensifies, millions are suffering from acute food insecurity and displacement. This document serves as a crucial call to action for the EU and its Member States to strengthen their commitments to humanitarian aid, especially in the context of the 2024 European elections.

The Policy Resolution highlights the urgent need for political actors to focus on three priority areas:

  1. Close the funding gap
  2. Increase the space for humanitarian action
  3. Address the growing number of climate disasters

This resolution urges the EU to maintain its role as a global leader in humanitarian action and to use all relevant political tools to create an environment conducive to addressing these growing needs.

We encourage all stakeholders to engage with these recommendations and support principled humanitarian action.

Read, download, and share the VOICE Policy Resolution 2024!