Throughout the year, VOICE produces and disseminates key documents reflecting on humanitarian aid issues at EU level and from a NGO perspective. They are addressed to decision makers within the European institutions, NGO networks and other stakeholders of the humanitarian community, as well as to the VOICE members. Most of these documents are  produced by the VOICE Secretariat with the support of VOICE members.

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  • Joint CSO letter to UN Security Council on the situation in Yemen

    Members' publications

    Tags: Security, Principles, Access, UN

  • FPA WG meeting exchange with ECHO - 30 June 2016

    FPA Watch Group

    Tags: FPA

  • Institutional Donor Conditionalities - Report on Sectoral Challenges

    Members' publications
    NRC, in collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group, has conducted a 6 month internal study on Institutional donor requirements to to understand the totality of conditionalities put on humanitarian organisations, gauge and improve NRC'€™s ability to manage them and define some key findings that could benefit the sector as a whole. In the report, NRC identifies four significant findings, or challenges, that they believe are generic to the entire sector - and that need to be addressed urgently.
  • VOICE Activity Report 2015

    VOICE Activity Reports

    Tags: General Assembly 2016

  • In Search of Safety in Iraq

    Members' publications

    Tags: Syrian crisis

    As the Iraqi army and coalition forces get closer in the military operation to retake Mosul, the humanitarian fallout is bound to be catastrophic unless funding and resources are prioritised to help up to 1.2 million civilians, the Norwegian Refugee Council and the International Rescue Committee warn.
  • VOICE Out Loud 23: Humanitarian NGOs and the European 'refugee crisis'

    VOICE out loud

    Tags: EU, Refugees

    2015 was the year that put refugees and the movement of people back on the global and European agenda. Europe saw the biggest refugee flow since World War II, many crossing over from Turkey into Greece. They flee from ongoing armed conflicts and mass killings in countries such as Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and South Sudan. So long as these conflicts are not resolved there is no end in sight to the refugee flow. Following border closures throughout Europe, increasing numbers of refugees are finding themselves stuck in Greece, which is under pressure to cope. Humanitarian NGOs are trying to support the efforts of local civil society and authorities to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Greece and elsewhere, but in a difficult political environment, are concerned about the humanitarian principles and maintaining standards.

    Kicking off this issue, the Danish Refugee Council describe the difficulty of upholding humanitarian standards in the midst of this humanitarian crisis. Complementing the basic needs of people in open air refugee camps in Greece is a challenge which Secours Islamique France addresses in its article on needs assessment. The Doctors of the World International Network highlights the best and worst in the European crisis facing migrants. Looking at the humanitarian principles in the context of the Europe Refugee Response, the Norwegian Refugee Council compares operations before and after the EU-Turkey Deal. SOS Childrens Villages draws lessons from the Balkan Route with an eye on children’s protection in the European migration crisis.

    In a View from Turkey, Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe explains how it uses partnerships to support refugee protection and assistance in South-Eastern Turkey.

    The View from the EU section contains an interview with Catherine Woollard, Secretary General of the European Council on Refugees and Exiles. She shares her views on the EU’s response to the refugee crisis, the key issues with the EU-Turkey deal, and the recently adopted Communication on Forced Displacement and Development. We also hear from CARE on the additional challenge that humanitarian financing poses in this EU refugee crisis.
  • NGO suggestions to Ms Schlein's opinion on report on financing for NGOs

    Tags: Funding, NGOs, Development

    Ms Elly Schlein MEP is preparing the DEVE opinion for the Committee on Budgetary Control on the report “Budgetary control of financing of NGOs from the EU budget”.

    VOICE is pleased that the draft opinion reflects some of our messages from the Study on donors’ conditionalities including on the need to reduce the adminisrative burden on NGOs and increase flexibility. Together with other civil society representatives, suggestions to the opinion were proposed. Concretely it was stressed that there is no need for more controls on NGOs, and that NGOs must maintain a degree of independence from the EU including in the implementation of EU-funded projects.
  • World Humanitarian Summit: outcomes and next steps for the EU

    VOICE event reports

    Tags: EU, WHS

    This event brought together 77 participants from the humanitarian aid sector, many of which attended the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) in Istanbul. In a panel discussion and subsequent discussion round, the main themes were the strength and weaknesses of the Summit, as well as emerging trends and next steps.
  • GA resolution Humanitarian NGOs call for a better EU response to refugees and migrants

    VOICE policy resolutions

    Tags: EU, Refugees, Funding, Principles, NGOs, Quality, General Assembly 2016

    VOICE 2016 General Assembly Resolution: Humanitarian NGOs call for a better EU response to refugees and migrants.
  • 'We all must act now!' joint NGO statement following the World Humanitarian summit

    VOICE position papers

    Tags: WHS, IHL, Grand Bargain

    This statement is made by 6 national and international networks (Coordination SUD, ICVA, InterAction, NEAR, VENRO, VOICE) and is based on the declaration of Dr F. Sivignon, President of Médecins du Monde, at the Summit’s closing ceremony.
  • Grand Bargain - A Shared Commitment to Better Serve People in Need

    Tags: Grand Bargain

    This is the final document of the Grand Bargain agreement between donors, the UN agencies and NGOs and the Red Cross on certain aspects of reducing the humanitarian financing gap.
  • 03 - VOICE Event Save the Date

    Tags: EU, WHS, NGOs

    invitation to VOICE event June 2016, reflecting on the outcomes of the world humanitarian summit.

    Members' publications

    Tags: WHS

    This document contains ActionAid's core committments at the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS).
  • DRCs commitments to the WHS

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    Tags: Refugees, WHS

  • Plan International WHS Commitments

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    Tags: WHS, NGOs

  • Medecins du Monde WHS Commitments

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    Tags: WHS

  • HelpAge Inclusion Charter WHS

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    Tags: WHS, NGOs

  • VOICE President statement at WHS

    Tags: EU, WHS, Consensus, Principles, Access

    VOICE President, Nicolas Borsinger's statement during the plenary session of the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul in May 2016
  • VOICE contribution to the new EU Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy

    VOICE position papers

    Tags: EU, Security, Counter-terrorism, Resilience, NGOs, Crisis Management

    In this paper, VOICE makes recommendations for the new EU Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy.
  • oxfam commitment to change

    Members' publications

    Tags: WHS

  • New measures adopted to tackle the root causes of irregular migration and displaced persons in the Sahel region and Lake Chad Basin

    Tags: EU, Refugees, Funding

  • draft report of the third Grand Bargain meeting- Washington

    Tags: WHS, Grand Bargain

    Summary of 3rd Grand Bargain negotiation meeting with its annexes.
  • draft report of the second Grand Bargain meeting - Brussels

    Tags: WHS, Grand Bargain

    draft minutes of the Grand Bargain negotiations 2nd meeting, held in Brussels on 18 March 2016. VOICE secretariat participated in this meeting on InterAction's behalf.
  • CARE Syria Women Work War report

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    Tags: Gender

  • Childhood Under Siege Living and Dying in Besieged Areas of Syria

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    Tags: Syrian crisis, IHL

    At least a quarter of a million children are living under brutal siege in areas of Syria that have effectively been turned into open-air prisons. They and their families are cut
    off from the outside world, surrounded by warring groups that illegally use siege against civilians as a weapon of war, preventing food, medicine, fuel and other vital supplies from
    entering and stopping people from fleeing. Amid the spiralling atrocities in Syria, these children are among the most vulnerable of all. They want the world to hear their story.