VOICE Reflections on the European Humanitarian Forum 2022

The first European Humanitarian Forum took place as a hybrid event in March 2022 in Brussels. VOICE welcomed the event as a great starting point to accelerate policy discussions at a European level about humanitarian aid. Overall, the main bottlenecks affecting the sector were well reflected in the discussions and were recognised as key issues in the current humanitarian landscape. However, while we appreciate the relevance of these discussions, it would be good if future Forums could identify specific commitments by the different stakeholders, especially on the following issues , already highlighted in the VOICE Statement ahead of the Forum

  • Humanitarian principles and International Humanitarian Law  
  • EU sanctions and counterterrorism measures 
  • Grand Bargain 2.0 commitments 
  • Climate resilience and greening of humanitarian aid 
  • Diversity and participatory approach 

Click here to download the statement – VOICE reflections on the European Humanitarian Forum 2022