VOICE President Interview on Defis Humanitaires

“My main expectation for the EHF is that it should give key political stakeholders the opportunity to focus their attention on the record level of global humanitarian needs, and the record funding gap in meeting these needs.” Dominic Crowley states the network expectations for the upcoming European Humanitarian Forum in the latest edition of Défis Humanitaires. 

The Forum, at its second edition, aims to “jointly put forward innovative, sustainable, and efficient approaches to address the current challenges of the humanitarian world”, and it has been organised by DG ECHO and the country currently holding the Presidency of the Council of the EU, Sweden. 

The interview was the occasion to share the network views on key priorities affecting humanitarian aid delivery and to call on the EU and Member States to commit and put forward specific agreed outcomes to support more people in need, build climate resilience, operationalise the triple nexus in a principle way, and to ensure the promotion of IHL. 

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