Localisation: where are we at and how did we get here? – Christian Aid on the VOL 35

The spotlight was brought to the topic of localisation at the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul. Ever since significant efforts from the humanitarian community are focused on channelling more power to local actors.

Local action in humanitarian settings provides a more efficient response as local actors know better the context they work in, are able to better communicate and respond to feedback, have lower running costs compared to international organisations, and can ensure a better transition between preparedness, relief, and recovery, among other positive aspects.

While donors have been issuing new policies to keep pushing forward the localisation agenda and INGOs have also made commitments around equitable partnerships, the road towards a “full localisation” is still complex. Many burdens, such as the heavy compliance architecture of the international humanitarian system, are still on the way. The humanitarian community needs to take further steps to accelerate the localisation process.


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