Debunking myths about the food systems and what drives hunger - InfoPoint conference

11:30 - 13:00
Public event
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This InfoPoint conference will focus on how to ensure we have the right analysis and the right data available to make adequate and correct decisions, on the short and the long term, to create truly sustainable and equitable food systems for people while preserving our planet.


  • Willem Olthof, Deputy Head of Unit, INTPA F3- Sustainable Agri-Food systems and Fisheries

  • Evelien van Roemburg, Head of EU Office, Oxfam International

  • Rob Vos, Markets, Trade, and Institutions division director, IFPRI

  • Nadine Gbossa, Director, Food Systems Coordination – IFAD

Language: English

Q&A session languages: English and French


Online participation (Webex)


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