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  • VOICE FPA Briefing. Partners in Humanitarian Aid: The development of the ECHO-NGO relationship as governed by the Framework Partnership Agreement

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    VOICE has produced this briefing to take stock of the evolving NGO-ECHO partnership – enshrined with the signing of the Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA) – serving as an update of a previous VOICE publication on the topic from 2004. The briefing is based upon a desk review and a series of semi-structured interviews with former and current members of the FPA Watch Group, ECHO officials, and staff from the VOICE Secretariat. The interviews were carried out either in 2004 (for the initial version) or in 2017 and 2018 (for the updated version). Interviewees were selected so as to ensure a broad range of backgrounds and experiences (different geographic regions, areas of involvement and areas of expertise) in terms of the FPA process, ECHO-NGO relations, and the Watch Group and Task Force.