Climate crisis: VOICE members in action

Climate change has become the root cause of many humanitarian crises around the world. It has a direct impact on communities’ access to food and water, often forcing them to leave their homes and seek refuge in another region or even outside their country of origin. In 2020, despite additional difficulties resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, weather extremes remained the primary driver of acute food insecurity in 15 countries, putting 16 million people in a situation of crisis or worse, i.e. requiring urgent action. (WFP)

Humanitarian NGOs are working to assist the most vulnerable people in such situations, setting up Adaptation programmes aimed at enhancing communities’ resilience by incorporating Disaster Risk Reduction, Disaster Preparedness, and Anticipatory Actions within their interventions.


These issues, among others, have been studied and reported on by VOICE Members. Below, a selection of these publications: 


Act Alliance: (2018) Enhanced Climate Action in Response to 1.5°C of Global Warming

Caritas International Belgium: (2021) Climate resilience for rural communities in Burundi

Christian Aid: (2021) Women on the front line: Healing the hearth, seeking justice

(2017) Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire (Part 1) Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire (Part 2) 

Concern Worldwide: We are drowning in promises': A look back at COP26

DanChurchAid, Norwegian Church Aid, ACT Alliance: Peacebuilding and Climate Change in Mali and Somalia

Goal: (2021)Briefing Paper: Responding to the Climate Crisis

Humanity and Inclusion: (2018) Disability and climate change

International Rescue Committee: (2021)Ending the hunger crisis: Response, recovery and resilience

Norwegian Refugee Council:  (2019) Disaster Displacement and Disaster Risk Reduction (2020) Disaster Displacement and Human Mobility in DRR, CCA and development policies

Plan International: (2021) Reimagining Climate Education and Youth Leadership: Survey Report

Secours Islamique France: (webinar, 2020) Being climate-compatible in WASH development projects: reducing vulnerabilities of communities

The Lutheran World Federation,  ACT Alliance, Brot für die Welt: (2019) Climate Finance for Addressing Loss and Damage

Welthungerhilfe: (2021) COP26 the climate conference that failed the South