VOICE Out Loud 37 "Anticipatory Action: Shaping the Future of Humanitarian Response"

We are excited to share the latest issue of the VOICE Out Loud "Anticipatory Action: Shaping the Future of Humanitarian Response". This edition highlights the urgent need to shift from reactive humanitarian responses to proactive strategies that mitigate disaster impacts before they occur. In this issue, we explore how AA is being pioneered by VOICE members across various contexts and regions. From Southern Africa to Libya, our members are leading the way in integrating local knowledge, innovative financial strategies, and adaptive risk governance to enhance community resilience and the effectiveness of interventions.

Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe shares insights from their work in Mozambique, Madagascar, and Malawi, showcasing how localisation empowers communities to take charge of their own crisis responses. Humanity & Inclusion emphasises the critical role of disaggregated data in ensuring that AA reaches all segments of society, particularly the most vulnerable. In fragile settings like Nigeria, the International Rescue Committee has demonstrated the life-saving potential of anticipatory cash transfers. Their pilot projects highlight the need for increased funding and research to expand AA in conflict-affected areas.

Welthungerhilfe explores the use of Disaster Risk Financing tools to support AA, advocating for stronger political commitment and cross-sectoral cooperation to improve risk management and resource allocation. From the perspective of Acción Contra el Hambre Spain, adaptive risk governance and geoethical considerations are crucial in managing complex humanitarian crises. They call for a collaborative approach that leverages foresight and innovative strategies to build resilient communities.

Our A Closer Look section features International Medical Corps' response to the catastrophic flooding in Libya. Their rapid deployment of medical teams and clean water initiatives provided essential relief to thousands of displaced individuals. Additionally, in an insightful interview, Dr Michael Köhler, Grand Bargain Ambassador, discusses the paradigm shift needed in humanitarian aid to prioritise anticipatory measures, urging for a unified commitment from all stakeholders.

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