Promoting innovation in NGOs. Complete the survey!

In partnership with Medair, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zürich invites employees of humanitarian and development NGOs to participate in a 15 minute online Survey on Innovation in NGOs. 


To understand what humanitarian and development NGOs are doing to promote incremental innovation (continuous improvement) and radical innovation. The survey asks how organizations improve the efficiency, quality and effectiveness of humanitarian aid – and what is the impact. 

Your participation in this survey will help generate new understanding and insights on continuous improvement and innovation in humanitarian and development NGOs. Respondents may ask to receive our report. ETH gladly provide a confidential benchmark comparison for each organization that has ten or more survey responses. For organizations with more than 25 responses, ETH offers a (virtual) presentation of the benchmark and findings to your organization.


The survey will protect you and your organization's privacy. Data will be anonymized, and individual people or NGOs will not be identifiable in the analysis or any reports.


Charlotte Girardin, Graduate student at ETH Zürich at, or Andrew Parris, Process Excellence Manager in Medair at

Please find here the link to the survey