Neutrality in the humanitarian response in Ukraine - PIN on the VOL 35

The term localisation started dominating all humanitarian talks after the crisis in Ukraine, and solutions were put in place to make humanitarian funds more accessible to local actors (assessment harmonisation, higher involvement of local actors in programmatic aspects, etc.). But particularly, the adherence to the principle of neutrality came under the spotlight due to the diversity of opinions from local responders.

While most CSOs in Ukraine focus purely on providing assistance to civilians, there is a group of them that decides to also assist the Ukrainian army, in an approach that defies the principle of neutrality. This dilemma is perceived by INGOs which, following the principle of humanitarian neutrality, have decided to solely work with local actors using humanitarian funds for the assistance of civilians.

This article by People in Need gives a great overview of the links between localisation and the principle of neutrality when local actors intervene in certain contexts.


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