2019 Grand Bargain Annual Review: NEAR Annual survey for a Global South Voice

NEAR wants to ensure that Local and National NGOs have a say in the Grand Bargain review process! Even though they are not signatories, their voice, experience and feedback is critical to ensure a balanced review!

In June 2020, the signatories of the Grand Bargain - including NEAR - will evaluate the progresses made in 2019 and set the direction for the remaining 18 months! Each signatory has submitted a contribution based on a self assessment (see here the NEAR contribution). All contributions are analysed and synthesised by ODI-HPG - a UK based research and think tank (see the report for 2018 review).

NEAR is launching a survey to gather your voice, your opinion, your experience with the improvements that have happened - or not - during 2019. Following the survey, the main findings will be shared with ODI-HPG so that they can include that in their 2019 report. NEAR will as well publish a more in depth analysis by June 2020.

Please,  take 7 min to share your experience of 2019 by clicking here. Also, share this link as widely as possible within your networks. 

The deadline is 31st March.