Including Everyone in Anticipatory Action: The Critical Role of Collecting and Using Disaggregated Data – Humanity & Inclusion in the VOL 37

Humanity & Inclusion's latest article in VOICE Out Loud highlights the importance of disaggregated data in Anticipatory Action (AA). This piece explores how inclusive data collection and utilisation are vital for ensuring that AA reaches all segments of society, especially the most vulnerable.

The article underscores that accurate disaggregated data—by disability, gender, and age—is critical for identifying the specific needs of different population segments. By addressing these needs effectively, AA can significantly improve the appropriateness and equity of interventions. Humanity & Inclusion identifies common challenges such as technical, logistical, and financial barriers to data collection and emphasises the need for harmonised methods and better data analysis.

Despite recent efforts, data disaggregation is still not implemented at the required scale in traditional humanitarian response or AA programming. Humanity & Inclusion advocates for collective responsibility among practitioners to enhance the collection and use of disaggregated data, ensuring meaningful participation of marginalised groups and empowering them throughout the AA process.

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