Ten years of the European Consensus on Humanitarian Aid: a point of reference in a challenging world

Ten years after its signature by the Council, the EU Member States, the European Parliament and the European Commission, the European Consensus on Humanitarian Aid remains the key document guiding the European Union’s and Member States’ approach to humanitarian aid.

In a high level event at the European Parliament, representatives of the signatories as well as humanitarian organisations met for a panel discussion on The Consensus, a point of reference in a challenging world:

  • European Parliament, Linda McAvan, Chair of the Committee on Development,
  • European Commission, Christos Stylianides, Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management,
  • Council of the European Union, Väino Reinart, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Estonia,
  • OCHA on behalf of the UN system, Vincent Hubin, Head of OCHA Liaison Office to the EU and NATO,
  • ICRC, Geneviève Vercruysse-Toussaint, Senior Advisor, Delegation to the EU, NATO and Belgium
  • The Red Cross EU Office, Denis Haveaux, Director,
  • VOICE, Kathrin Schick, Director,
  • MSF, Inma Vazquez, Representative to the EU and NATO.

Here the detailed Agenda

Click here to read and download VOICE, UN, ICRC, EU Red Cross office joint messages at the occasion of the  ten years of the Consensus