VOICE Video Series: "From Neglect to Awareness! Uncovering Humanitarian Crises"

Following its impactful launch during the European Humanitarian Forum (EHF) in Brussels, VOICE is proud to present its very first video "From Neglect to Awareness! Uncovering Humanitarian Crises." This video series is an ambitious effort to highlight neglected humanitarian crises that are often overlooked by the global community, lacking both attention and sufficient humanitarian funding.

The series commences with a deep dive into El Salvador's situation, a country that, despite the severity of its humanitarian crisis, has remained largely invisible on the global stage. The Norwegian Refugee Council's inclusion of El Salvador in its list of neglected crises, primarily due to insufficient funding, underscores the urgent need for increased awareness and support.

"From Neglect to Awareness!" features focused contributions from VOICE members, each addressing a critical aspect of the crisis:

  • Displacement: Highlighted by Educo El Salvador, the series covers the displacement of 454,000 individuals by the end of 2019, underlining the complex interplay of inequity, poverty, and climate change as driving factors.
  • Gender-Based Violence: Plan International El Salvador brings to light the heightened risks of gender-based violence during crises, with alarming statistics indicating that two-thirds of Salvadoran women have experienced sexual violence.
  • Food Security: World Vision's El Salvador contribution focuses on the challenges to food and nutritional security exacerbated by environmental and social vulnerabilities.

These segments, contributed by Educo, Plan International, and World Vision, articulate the multifaceted nature of El Salvador's humanitarian crisis. Our contributors call for a comprehensive, multi-sectoral approach to catalyse change, highlighting the need for enhanced funding, global awareness, and strengthened collaborative efforts.

For those who missed the launch, the first episode of this video series is now online!