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VOICE stands for "Voluntary Organisations in Cooperation in Emergencies" and it is an NGO network promoting effective humanitarian aid worldwide since 1992. VOICE is the main NGO interlocutor with the European Union on emergency aid and disaster risk reduction, and it promotes the values of its 87 member organisations.

VOICE members are active in different sectors of humanitarian aid (such as food and nutrition, health, water and sanitation, shelter, aid to refugees and internally displaced people) in all countries affected by natural disasters, armed conflicts and emergency situations. Most VOICE members have a framework partnership agreement with the Humanitarian Aid department of the European Commission (DG ECHO). These organisations are dedicated to practicing good humanitarian aid and saving lives. 

Humanitarian aid is intended to save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain human dignity during and after man-made crises and disasters caused by natural hazards, as well as to prevent and strengthen preparedness for when such situations occur.

VOICE member organisations share similar core values and strive:

  • To save lives and prevent suffering

  • To respond in a swift and timely manner to humanitarian crises

  • To base their interventions on international humanitarian law and principles, such as impartiality and independence

  • To follow the relevant codes of conduct and best practices

  • To have high quality standards of professionalism and expertise 

  • To have a participative approach with their local partners in the regions of intervention

  • To view the emergency intervention in the light of future sustainable recovery and development

For the past years, VOICE has been working with its member organisations to embed these principles in humanitarian policy at EU level, and present humanitarian NGO perspectives on EU policies having an impact on the EU’s humanitarian aid. For instance, VOICE establishes common positions through working groups such as the FPA Watch Group, which was one of the first official bodies for dialogue with the European Institutions.


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A collective voice of European NGOs promoting principled and people-centered humanitarian aid.


VOICE’s aim is to improve the general quality and effectiveness of humanitarian aid notably that of the European Union and its Member States as well as of the wider humanitarian community. The network also promotes the added value of NGOs given their key role as humanitarian deliverers and as an expression of EU public solidarity.

Highlights of achievements

In the 30 years it has existed, VOICE celebrated many successes in its work to promote effective humanitarian aid and partnership between NGOs and EU institutions. The network is now well established as a credible interlocutor for EU institutions and EU policy makers alike on matters of humanitarian aid.


Some highlights include:
  • Securing additional funding for EU humanitarian aid in the EU Budget in 2022 by mobilising our members across 18 EU member states.
  • Working at global, European and national level to ensure the inclusion of NGOs and their field and policy expertise in the process leading up to the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit, and securing a joint NGO statement on the Summit follow-up. VOICE continues to work for implementation of the Summit commitments, including on the ‘Grand Bargain on humanitarian financing’.
  • The signature of the European Consensus on Humanitarian Aid by the European institutions and member states in 2007 was preceded by a broad engagement of VOICE members in the process leading up to it. The network has continued to influence the two plans to implement the Consensus and maintains its commitment to this principled EU standard setting document.