The Biggest Emergency: Why humanitarian thinking and processes must be transformed: Islamic Relief UK

Impacts of the climate emergency on agriculture and food security, increasing natural disasters, migration, urbanisation and health shocks constantly challenge Islamic Relief’s efforts to eradicate poverty and suffering. 

Traditionally humanitarian aid responds to emergencies. As the earth heats, in many countries emergencies are running into each other leading to a constant state of crisis. Timings are uncertain, but inevitably this will extend and deepen. A clear outlook is that food insecurity combined with related social breakdown will become the norm, leading to increasing waves of migration and displacement in many parts of the world.

To deal with this new normal humanitarian thinking and processes must be transformed. Every decision on humanitarian aid, as every decision on every aspect of life, must now be made with a view to how it will affect the planet. All actions must be measured by their contribution to building people’s resilience.

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