Human Rights Film Festival Berlin

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The Human Rights Film Festival 2023 will run from the 11th to the 22nd of October 2023 in Berlin. The programme is available here.


On the 17th of October 2023, the Human Rights Forum will hold the event Hungry for change: can we win the fight against hunger?

Conflicts, pandemics, climate-related extreme weather, rising inequalities: the obstacles to win the fight against hunger and malnutrition seem unconquerable, even though the international community pledged to end hunger by 2030 in the Sustainable Development Goals. With three billion people unable to access a healthy diet, this goal is receding from view.

Nevertheless, activists, smallholder farmers, consumers, humanitarians and policymakers are fighting for change all over the world: for a change in our globalised food systems and in our humanitarian response to a global hunger and malnutrition crisis.

Action Against Hunger will showcase this collective Good Fight and provide a platform for networking and exchange in these challenging times of poly crises.

Registrations are open!