Cécile Muller

Administrative and Finance Officer

Graduated in Political Science with a specialisation in Development and Cooperation, Cécile has a long track record in working for NGO Networks. In Paris, she undertook several researches and publications on NGO finances, development education, sectoral expertise, volunteers, and she assisted the French NGO Platform during a French EU Presidency. Cécile then joined the former European NGO Network specialised in Food Aid and Food Security (EuronAid) based in The Hague, first as Responsible of the Brussels Office and then as Policy and Capacity Building Director. While being a free-lance consultant for some years, Cécile worked with VOICE preparing the World Humanitarian Summit. In 2015, she took the position of VOICE Administrative and Finance Officer. Cécile is passionate and creative. During her free time, she makes awesome artistic collages.

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