From crisis to recovery: women's role in humanitarian action

VOICE Out Loud 36

This edition of the VOICE Out Loud highlights the experiences of women and girls in humanitarian emergencies. The articles demonstrate the struggles of women and girls, but also celebrate their resilience, emphasising the necessity of positioning them as pivotal agents of their recovery.

World hunger is rising sharply: let’s stop it NOW!

VOICE Policy Resolution

In the Policy Resolution 2023, VOICE calls on the EU and its Member States (MS) to stop the steep rise of world hunger by:

  • Preventing, preparing for, and acting quickly to respond to food and nutrition insecurity
  • Ensuring multi-sectoral and inclusive approaches to address the global food crisis and transform the global food system

Artificial Intelligence: disruption or opportunity for humanitarian aid?

VOICE event – Key highlights 

The VOICE event ‘Artificial Intelligence: Disruption or Opportunity for Humanitarian Aid?’ brought together experts to delve into the transformative potential of AI in humanitarian action.

Neglected crises: from commitments to actions

VOICE - La Coordinadora roundtable
Key highlights 

The round table in Madrid, jointly organised with La Coordinadora, aimed at triggering reflections on several humanitarian issues from the perspective of donors and NGOs. This key highlights report culminates in recommendations for the EU and its members to enhance humanitarian aid effectiveness.

VOICE at Work 

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The humanitarian NGOs’ perspective on climate resilience

VOICE Position Paper

Climate change and environmental degradation are primary root causes of humanitarian crises around the world. In this Position Paper VOICE asks EU and Members States to scale up climate finance.

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