Reflections on the European Humanitarian Forum

VOICE Statements 

In a statement ahead of the EHF, VOICE urged the EU and MS to use the forum to: address humanitarian needs; identify solutions to preserve humanitarian space; ensure the delivery of principled humanitarian aid. After the Forum VOICE shares its reflections on the event. 


Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis: VOICE Members' response

VOICE Members

NGO members are mobilising to deliver humanitarian aid in Ukraine and in the neighbouring countries. Find here a collection of appeals, statements, news on their activities.  

The humanitarian NGOs’ perspective on climate resilience

VOICE Position Paper

Climate change and environmental degradation are primary root causes of humanitarian crises around the world. In this Position Paper VOICE asks EU and Members States to scale up climate finance.

The EU Member States’ implementation of the humanitarian-development-peace nexus

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This issue focuses on how VOICE members and EU Member States are interpreting and implementing the triple nexus according to our members' perspective.  

Climate Crisis: VOICE members in action

VOICE Members

Humanitarian NGOs are working to assist the most vulnerable affected by the climate-induced crises, setting up adaptation programmes and enhancing communities’ resilience by incorporating DRR, Disaster Preparedness, and Anticipatory Actions within their interventions. Find here a collection of publications showing a selection of our members’ work.


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  • Finland and the Humanitarian- Development - Peace - Nexus

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  • VOICE Annual Report 2021

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  • Action Against Hunger France's Recommendations- To Address the Global Impacts of the War in Ukraine on Food Security

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