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 European humanitarian NGOs. Standing together.

A dynamic, positive and colourful image giving the idea of connection and network. 
The strands represent the identity of our network made up of a diversity of 85 Non-governmental organisation working every day incessantly to bring relief to affected populations. They are all different in size, mandate, active in different sectors of humanitarian aid, from the big families to the individual organisations.


'EU humanitarian aid needs your support!'

VOICE 2019 General Assembly Resolution

The 2019 VOICE General Assembly resolution calls on the member of the European Parliament, European Commission, and EU member states to support crisis-affected people!

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European NGOs in emergencies: values and action

VOICE publication

In this issue of the VOICE out loud, the articles present the essential role of NGOs in the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable and crisis affected people. 

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Unpacking the localisation agenda: What do we mean by ‘as local as possible’?


On 14 May VOICE hosted an event bringing together donors and implementing agencies to understand the localisation debate and why it matters for the humanitarian sector.

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VOICE Statement on the next Multiannual Financial Framework 


Click here to download the VOICE statement with recommendations to the EU Member States and the European Parliament on EU humanitarian aid funding from 2021. 

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