Civil society voices needed! Participate to the IATI open consultation on direction to 2030!

Over two-thirds of all organisations use the IATI data standard to share data on their work, are civil society organisations. And there is a growing interest by civil society networks to use the data, together with open data sets, to hold funders and local government to account for their use of development finance.

It's therefore really important that civil society organisations voices are included in this consultation, both as data publishers and data users. The consultation closes on 28 February.

The consultation is available in 3 languages (English, French, Spanish) and covers three discussion areas:

Discussion 1: The IATI Vision and Mission : Positioning the Initiative for 2030

Discussion 2: IATI’s Strategic Partnerships in the Evolving International Development Landscape

Discussion 3: Considering Strategic Directions for Development Cooperation Data and Standards

Each discussion has guide questions and is moderated by an independent moderator. This consultation will culminate in a synthesis document of responses, which will help to inform a “Strategic Directions” paper, which will be discussed with members to create IATI's new strategy to 2022.

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