Great news! VOICE has a new and colourful logo!

VOICE has a new dynamic, positive and colourful abstract shape logo giving the idea of connection and network. 

The strands represent the identity of our network made up of a diversity of 85 Non-governmental organisation working every day incessantly to bring relief to affected populations. They are all different in size, mandate, active in different sectors of humanitarian aid, from the big families to the individual organisations.

The strands form a circle that indicates completeness, movement, connectedness, and inclusion.

The tagline “European humanitarian NGOs. Standing together.” defines clearly what we are and reconfirms the importance of collective action in our network; Standing together and reaffirming the importance of NGOs added value.

Together with the new logo and tagline, we have changed the name of our website, emails and twitter handle. The website is, our twitter handle is @VOICEeu_  and our email addresses have been adapted accordingly.