Marion Granger

Partnership & Advocacy Officer

Marion’s work in the VOICE Secretariat focuses on Humanitarian Partnership (HP)-related issues, notably with the facilitation of the HP Watch Group and its Task Force. Her advocacy work covers the impacts of EU restrictive measures on humanitarian aid, as well as topics related to the Grand Bargain, notably localisation and quality funding.

Marion joined VOICE in May 2021. Prior to that, she acquired experiences within both the humanitarian and public sectors. She worked as a Partnership Assistant at Action Against Hunger’s Programs and Crisis Division, focusing on private foundations resources, and also worked as an intern at the French Embassy in Dakar, Senegal. She also gained experience with different types of associations, such as Action Against Hunger operations in France, or the Wintegreat program for refugees’ social insertion in Paris, where she volunteered.

Marion has a master’s degree in International Affairs and Development from the Université PSL/Paris-Dauphine, with a major in Peace Studies.

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